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November 9, 1956 Opening of the First Legislative Session of the National Assembly

(courtesy of Mr. Larry Hadzima, Neillsville, WI)

Honourable Dean of the Assembly, Honourable Deputies:

It is with a feeling of profound satisfaction that I attend today the solemn inauguration of the first legislative assembly of Viet-Nam.

Thus, in a record time, and in spite of difficulties of all kinds, we are taking a further essential step of the national and democratic revolution, that of applying the Constitution and, in your particular case, that of elaborating the laws.

A tremendous and arduous work, touching all branches of activity of the nation, awaits you. Your efforts will not be so limited, however. For in addition to the institutions to be revised or created, there is the parliamentary life and tradition for which it is your duty henceforth to lay solid foundations in order to strengthen further, each day, the customs of our Assembly. May loyalty, confidence and fair play preside during your work.

It is at this price that we will be able to safeguard our young Republic, and contribute to its growth during the difficult hours which lie ahead of us.

Members of the Assembly, the grave events which are presently unfurling in other parts of the world, the tragic plight of the heroic Polish and Hungarian peoples so cowardly and cynically massacred by the most virulent form of modern colonialism which is communism, not only must unite all the Asian countries in common and courageous solidarity against all imperialism in all its forms, but also remind us Vietnamese of the compelling necessity of being particularly vigilant.

Honourable Deputies, confident in your experience and your wisdom, I am convinced that you will know how to conduct successfully the legislative work of the government, in a fashion conforming to the permanent vocation of free men, to the constant geopolitical determinants of the country, to the exigencies of this technological age par excellence, as well as to the genius of our race.

(President Ngo Dinh Diem on Democracy (Addresses Relative to the Constitution), Press Office, Saigon: 1958) 

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