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To rescind authorization for the construction of a memorial to Ho Chi Minh in Vienna

Tai Nguyen Jacksonville, FL

Dear Dr. Häupl,

This letter is submitted in support of the Residents of Vienna and Citizens of Austria of Vietnamese Heritage in their Petition to the Parks Management Office to rescind authorization for the construction of a memorial to Ho Chi Minh at Donaupark in Vienna.

While Ho Chi Minh is lauded as the liberator of Vietnam from French colonialism and considered a national hero by the Vietnamese Communist Party members, he was in fact an agent of the Comintern, a founder of the Indochinese Communist Party and a proxy of the Soviet Union and Communist China. He was at the origin of the 20-year war and invasion of South Vietnam which caused the death of millions and the destitution of other millions of Vietnamese people who had to flee their country to seek asylum and freedom in other countries, including Austria. Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party who continues his policy of state control through instilling fear, suspicion and corruption, is abhorred by the majority of the Vietnamese people and not honored in the way that Communist propaganda has led people to believe.

The erection of a memorial to Ho Chi Minh in a park in Vienna can only lend credence to the legitimacy of the Vietnamese Communist Party that the people of Vietnam do not believe in. It will contribute to the prolongation of a totalitarian regime, which after over four decades of total control of the whole country, has not initiated any program of democratization for the return of power to the Vietnamese people. Instead, it continues to use violence and imprisonment of dissidents to suppress any demands for human rights and any aspiration to attain basic freedom for the people of Vietnam. A memorial to Ho Chi Minh would be an offense to the millions of victims of this ruthless policy.

We strongly support the petition of the Viennese residents in this regard and respectfully ask you, Dr. Häupl, to consider rescinding the authorization of the erection of a memorial to Ho Chi Minh in your beautiful city of Vienna.

Sincerely yours,



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