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Watch "Asians for Trump

Dear All:

You all need to watch this video and listen to this Vietnamese-American conservative Republican politician speak at a Trump's rally in Dallas. He is a City Council member of some sort and the leader of the Asians for Trump in Texas.

He speaks exactly like me. He even used a lot of phrases I usually used in my numerous diatribe. And he spoke forcefully and bluntly without reservation and consideration just as I wrote. It's so refreshing and gratifying to hear someone who echoes your firm belief and strong conviction in conservative values. Isn't it something? 

 I am in complete agreement with what he thinks of far-left loonism that trashes our constitution and jeopardizes our constitutional democracy. I like his cogent political speech construct and forceful delivery that drew repeated ovations from the audience. I admire his scathing condemnation of neo-communism which is ruining the American way of life. I love his vigorous bashing of the liberal political correctness which is shattering the foundation of American exceptionalism. I agree with his coherent disparaging of neo-communist lawlessness that is undermining the rule of laws which is the bedrock of our unique system of justice. I concur with his accusation of the current nincompoops' reckless emasculation of the American military might which compromises the only force for good in the world. I applaud his blistering attack of Obama's arbitrary illegal immigration and dangerous refugee policies, which Crooked Hillary espouses, that is subverting the safety and security of the American people here and abroad. I support his correct assertion of the irresponsible intervention in the private sector by Big Government that is stifling private enterprises and shackling small businesses, which are the engines that drive our economic development and build the American unparalleled prosperity. I am in full agreement with his unabashed references   to the communist tactics of lies, deceit, corruption, non-transparency, high-handedness, divisive partisan politics, and cronyism used by American neo-commies. But above all else I co-opt his uncompromising approach to fight far-left loonism: unrelenting, forceful, no-hold-barred, repeated, offensive, comprehensive, aggressive engagement a la George Patton.

Watch this guy. He'll be elected in Congress very soon. He should hire me to write his speeches because we speak on the same frequency and in the same tone.

Have a nice week end.

My Col Gary Tran

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