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Beijing’s folly in the Southeast Asia Sea

Tang Duc Dao (Danlambao) - Chinese aggressiveness in the Sea of Japan and the Southeast Asia Sea through her Nine –Dash Line claim of nearly the entire latter, is a sign of weakness and irrationality, not a sign of strength and reason. As a dictatorial regime, the Communist Party of China is facing, not only popular discontent because of economic stagnation and rising social inequality at home, but as a dictator, Xi Jinping is facing challenges within the party’s ranks.

In their furtive minds, they can only think of one way to quell rebellion and opposition. That is to create crises overseas, call for unity behind their regime, close ranks behind Xi and punish all dissenters.

However, they only invite trouble in the long term for China. China is inadvertently pushing their most terrifying enemy Japan not only to rearm but even to go nuclear. It is not beyond imagination that Vietnam (by then hopefully democratic) will acquire not only more sophisticated western and American weapons, but to also feel the need to go nuclear.

Just think of a future, not too distant, in which China would be surrounded in the north west by a nuclear Russia, in the east by a nuclear Japan, in the south west by a nuclear India and in the immediate south by a nuclear Vietnam. We are all too aware of the equalizing power of the nuclear mutual destruction and a small nuclear nation counts every bit as much as a big nuclear nation.

In this particular respect, it is worthy to note that in terms of population, military and economic strength, there is nothing to guaranty that India may not catch up with China at one point in the future. With normalization of relations with the USA, India, as a true democracy recognized by the US Congress, will be entitled under US laws, to gradually acquire American military hard ware. This will ensure, in cases of confrontation, the easy destruction of Chinese military counterparts which are mere copies of Russian inferior second hand rubbish.

This will be the direct result of Xi Jinping’s foolish aggressiveness in the Sea of Japan and the Southeast Asia Sea

One is left to wonder when shall Xi Jinping wake up from his foolish imperialist dream?

(Zuc) Tang Duc Dao, solicitor




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