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Sotuheast Asia Sea

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Peaceful Declaration for the World’s Contested Sea in 2016 - China Must Go;  


- United Nations Security Council
- United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights.
- The Hangzhou 2016 G20 Leaders Summit,
- Various world leaders and the international media,

Foreword: The Southeast Asia Sea belongs to the Vietnamese. Our people have been residing and administering the East Sea region for seventy thousand years, according to worldly historians. The Chinese have not been ever present at this Asian region and the Southeast Asia Sea area as well. In recent decades, the Southeast Asia Sea region was administered by the Republic of Viet Nam and recognized by the international community. However, the Southeast Asia Sea is not at peace and always in turmoil since the Chinese Communist Party appeared on the China mainland on July 1, 1921.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On 19 January 1974, the so-called People’s Republic of China (PRC) invaded the Paracel Islands which was occupied by the Republic of Vietnam’s forces. Seventy-five Navy men of The Republic of Vietnam Navy (RVN Navy) had heroically sacrificed due to this Chinese invading.

In 1988, Chinese marines invaded Gac Ma Islands (aka Johnson South Reef) and killed 64 Vietnamese men from the Communist Vietnam Navy.

From 1974 to 2016 China has aggressively militarized the Paracels and the Spratly islands by building the naval base, the military garrison, air strips, lighthouses; and customs controlling the strategic waterway on the Southeast Asia Sea. They deployed air missile platforms of all sorts (sea-to-air, surface-to-air). Their nuclear submarine fleets are also seen present in the region.

To build military bases and man-made islands around, Chinese ruthlessly ravaged thousands of coral reefs beneath the Paracel and Spratly Islands. These cause serious ecological damages to marine lives and environment as well.

On April 2016, Formosa, a steel-making company owned by Chinese, located in Vung Anh, Ha Tinh province, Central Vietnam, dumped illegal toxic chemical waste into the Vietnam shores and the Pacific Ocean which killed thousands of tons of fish and other marine species. The dead fish and other species spread over several hundred miles on Vietnamese shoreline.

July 12, 2016, the permanent court of international arbitration in The Hague the Netherlands has ruled against China; and rejected China's false sovereignty claim on the entire Southeast Asian Sea. Unfortunately, the International Court is unable to enforce the ruling upon the Chinese continuing bullying.

China has unruly refused to comply with the Court’s judgment because The Hague Tribunal Court has no efficient authority to impose any sanctions against China; meanwhile, Vietnam and South East Asian countries vividly support the Court’s ruling.

Currently, a deadly Formosa-like factory is in the making within the industrial zone Cai Cui, Hau Giang Province, South Vietnam. That is the Lee & Man Paper Plant. The plant is built right on the Hau Giang river bank. This project is another soon-to-be disaster. Note that the area is rich in fruit growing (especially grapefruit, orange, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longan, plum, guava ...) and fish farming. People’s future, lives, and harvest in the Hau Giang region totally rely on clean water. The plant certainly would pollute the water sources, and could spell death to all living body and animal in the region. It is one of three military bases disguised as factory set up by the Chinese invasion of Vietnam and South East Asian countries.

formosa hậu giang

Position three military bases of China disguised in Hau River, Southeast-Asia-Sea, South Vietnam

From the above-mentioned facts, we strongly oppose and utterly denounce the half-baked Chinese behavior before international opinion, the United Nations Security Council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Hangzhou 2016 G20 Leaders Summit, as follows:

1 / The presence of Chinese in the South
east Asia Sea systematically threatens the habitat of marine lives and the sovereigntiesof the countries in the region.

2/ The People’s Republic of China should immediately withdraw unconditionally its entire military force, marine police, and paramilitary forces (disguised as fishermen) from the East Sea surrounding Paracel and Spratly islands.

3/ China’s aggression in the contested region must be condemned. Particularly, China wrongly attackings on the Vietnamese fishermen, and their fishing boats should be warned and stopped. China must compensate the Vietnamese fishermen and their families with appropriate monetary for the damages that Chinese have incurred to the Vietnamese fishermen.

The Vietnamese Southeast Asian Sea Association pray that people who love the peace, the coexistence and especially the sea would support our Declaration to preserve the purity of the sea, and the Southeast Asian Sea as well. They are the future of humanity.

Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia Sea will all rest peacefully when the ugly shadow of Chinese ships vanish from the contested areas.

As a member United Nations Security Council, also G20, China has an obligation to comply with international law, and must adhere to the decision of the international arbitration court.

Please forward this message of peace to the Southeast Asian countries and the world.

For the support, please send your messages to e-mail:

Southeast Asia Sea obviously isn't the South China Sea. The Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands belong to the Vietnamese for seventy thousand years; not Chinese this decade.

Thank you for your consideration of this submittal.

Respectfully submitted

Van Giang Tran révised EN version.

Secretary-Général of The Vietnamese southeast-asian-sea association Tran Dai Viet

August 17, 2016


- National Popular Force Raising Democracy Flag

- The International Organization For Study Of The South East Asia Sea.

- Diên Hồng Thời Đại Việt Nam -

- Liên Minh Dân Chủ Tự Do Việt Nam: President Phạm Trần Anh. -

- Phong Trào Toàn Dân Dựng Cờ Dân Chủ: Mr. Cao Xuân Khải.

- Vietnamese Political and Religious Friendship Association: Mr. Doan Hung Quoc.


- Vietnamse Prisoniers Of Conscience;

- The Vietnamese historical association, Mr. Truc Lam Tran Nhan Viet Quoc
- The Vietnamese southeast-asia-sea association, Mr. Tran Dai Viet


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