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January 31, 2017

From: The Vietnamese Sea.org Social Network

To: Dr. Michael Häupl

Wien’s Government Officials

Lichtenfelsgasse 2, Stiege 5, 1.Stock

A - 1010 Wien


Subject: Protest against the project of setting up Ho Chi Minh’s Statue in Wien, Austria.

We, the Vietnamese Sea.org Social Network, strongly supports the petitions submitted to the City of Wien, Austria, by The 21st Century Forum and The Vietnamese Refugee In Germany Association about the city’s plan to install a statue of Ho Chi Minh (HCM) in the city’s Parks.

With the same protest purposes, we are compiling another document to make known to the public about HCM’s real biography as well as his horrible crimes against the humanity.

HCM is certainly not a Vietnamese patriot; neither the peace-loving individual as being mistakenly considered. He was the former Major Ho Quang; a Chinese intelligence agent infiltrated into Vietnam by Mao Tse Tung’s order to form the Indochinese Communist Party – a branch of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) - that is an early form of Vietnamese Labor Party and then renamed as Vietnamese Communist Party. With the insertion of Major Ho Quang into the Vietnamese Communist Party, Chinese intended to expand Chinese control throughout the South East Asia using the so-called socialism. 

HCM has served the CCP very well regarding the broadening the Chinese territory and the propagating Socialism doctrine in South East Asia. To reach those goals, HCM had killed millions innocent Vietnamese and South East Asian people.

Since 1955-56, HCM, i.e. former Major Ho Quang, had secretly signed a couple of unexplainable/mystifying decrees to hand the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnamese shorelines and Spratly and Paracel islands over to the CCP… For this unforgiving hand-out from HCM, the Chinese use it as a pretext to maintain its half-baked bullying upon the neighboring countries’ sovereigns; attacking the fisherman who fishes on their water limits in the Vietnamese Sea. The Chinese’s outrageous behaviors have no regard to the legal warnings sent from the international court and communities.

HCM is truly a war-criminal: cold-blood genocide and worst human right violator. With such deeds, HCM does not deserve any high place in the world history; let alone the ugly statue of him standing in the Wien City parks to insulting our consciousness.

We pray that you will call to our voices.


The Vietnamese Sea.org Social Network – Dated 31/01/2017

Van Giang Tran translated English version.


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