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Local army and army

quân sử việt nam, local of ARVN, địa phương quân nghĩa quân quân lực việt nam cộng hòa

In the war in Vietnam, the underprivileged nhứt is local army & Army, even if it means they have contributed a lot of blood in the life to protect our country, but has been forgotten before and after the war.

So the local army & the army does is worthy of the soldiers, they were silent sacrifice for our country!

ARVN not just jump, Marines, Army, air force, special forces... V... V... To be a part of "the long fight for non country in peace". Do you have local forces, the army & also hit our hometown hero, not bad, they had to suffer many enemies than all these other salaries, ammo, cover.... It is the soldier, "stay away from my station, the enemy day and night to be there".

A soldier of the village was rural conservative neighbor from the first republic with you people, security guards, and then this is the meaning and the local army, Holy Nest is king drew, of course, maybe the benefits to have a childhood ..

Soldier "by the soldiers of peace means to rich" just take a gun - just fight politics with the communists in the countryside, very heavy duty to pay it back a little low, nobody noticed, the common people A soldier dressed in cotton is more heroic soldiers wear a uniform with Green Forest: "as a soldier in the middle of the woods, love short low".

Soldier Uniform Cotton, when you complete the future March they are about to safe position in queen just or the place, and the men that means the local army & Army, always guard house, garden, should be here. It is the soldier, "fight the night day for non country in peace".



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