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Open Letter to California State Senate

To: Sen. Kevin De Leon, President;

C/c: Sen. Janet Nguyen; The LA Times; OC Register

February 2017

Re: California Democrat leaders shut down mic, order Senator Janet Nguyen removed from Senate floor for Adjourning in Memory of Vietnamese Refugees

Dear Senators:

It's not unlike a lynching scenario. Most of you might have performed illusionism when wasting time and money honoring such an antiwar activist as Tom Hayden. As a reminder, this is what Tom Hayden once bragged:

"White race is the cancer of human history."

Also he and Jane Fonda named their son after Nguyen Van Troi, a mind-controlled Vietcong who attempted killing Robert McNamara, a then U.S. Defense Secretary, and his fellows.

Regarding the above-mentioned illusionism, I refer myself to a comment found on the Internet:

"If you have ever watched an illusionist perform up-close magic, you know the power of misdirection and sleight-of-hand. Even in a room full of suspicious and attentive observers, the illusionist can fool them all. By exploiting known weaknesses in the human mind and employing his tools of the trade, he will deceive the crowd whether it wants to be deceived or not..."

"Ironically, those who rule atop their global control pyramids laugh with glee at these myopic, infantile, close-minded patsies who've surrendered their minds to a lapdog press which licks the boots of their masters... Time and time again it becomes clear that collusion between the government and mainstream media forces results in nothing more than bald-faced lies."

Dear Senators, besides performing political magic, it appears you are espousing and sporting Tom Hayden's Communism/Socialism. He stabbed the South Vietnamese people in the back, betraying the Vietnam War veterans and the United States itself. So do you now.

It'd be nice of you to disappear from Earth so it'd stop stinking- so would America.


Dinh Song
A U.S. Senior Citizen

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